Akai 120 watt Audio & TV Soundbar


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You can now improve the sound of your TV with this powerful soundbar. The thin enclosure suits every interior.

This has a superb sound, ideal for Televisions 32" 37" 39" 40" 47" 49" 50" etc (32" plus) - PLUS play music from your iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phone etc via Bluetooth AND it has a built in radio (without TV switched on)

Full Remote Control - Easy to use - Side panel with controls if not wanting to use the remote control - Wall or table mounted (Wall bracket included in this package)
Inputs: Toslink Optical - RCA Phono (Red + White - lead cable included in this package) connectors, links from TV's with that output, and most audio equipment, so play your music through the soundbar - 3.5mm jack (ideal for many Mobile phones and iPods, MP3 players etc) - Bluetooth, long range, not just a few metres, link your Mobile Phone, iPod, iPad, iPhone etc to play music at high volume & clarity rather than use your phones small speaker

Multi Inputs: Toslink Optical, RCA Phono (Red + White), Long Range Bluetooth & 3.5mm Jack – Slim & Powerful – Superb Sound from Television Soundbar – with FM Radio Inbuilt – Ideal for 32″ TVs and bigger – Ideal for most TV’s inc: Sony, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, etc 

Weight: 4kg

Dimensions = L: 8cm x W: 93.5cm x H:10cm