AKAI MISTRAL9100 Series Mistral Fixed Air Conditioner Inverter with Heat Pump


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This AKAI Air conditioner has a monosplit 9000 BTU Inverter with heat pump technology. With Energy Cooling Class A ++ and Energy efficiency class A + 

Model: MISTRAL9100

Inverter Technology

Heat pump: Yes

Cooling capacity kW: 2.5

Cooling capacity Btu / h: 8530

Heating capacity kW: 2.5

Heating capacity Btu / h: 8530

Energy efficiency class: A ++ / A +

Annual cooling energy consumption: 143 KWh

Energy consumption per year heating: 875 kWh 

Dimensions: 78.4 x 27.9 x 21.2 cm

Weight: 10 kg